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Do you want to sell your Web Hosting Business?

Are you ready to do something besides run your hosting business? Maybe you want to focus on one particular area of expertise. Or you want to go do something completely different. Perhaps you’re ready to retire.
If you want to sell your web hosting business, we want to buy! 

Web Dev

Web Development, including custom design and applications

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing where we know it works: SEO, Google Ads, Maps, Bing/Yahoo PPC, Facebook free and paid work, and more 

Review Generation

This is a powerful marketing tactic if done correctly. We even have our own software!

Website Hosting

High quality website hosting and troubleshooting when it’s needed

Website Protection

Fixing and preventing website hacks


Top-notch email service and support. We use current best practices and platforms, including Google and Microsoft

If you’ve found yourself on this page and you don’t have a company to sell but you do want services, please fill out the form or call us!

About Us

We are a small team of real people based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Our expertise covers all aspects of website development and digital marketing. We provide the best web hosting for small business needs. If you'd like to find out more about our company and the services we provide, please click the button below.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

We will appraise your company based on a number of metrics. 

We have a simple Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) each party can sign at the outset, if desired. But we keep quiet on all deals, with or without the paperwork.

There are an unlimited number of creative options, but most are a variation of money down, performance, and the balance paid 90 days later. Monthly payments are also an option. And we gladly pay prompt and ongoing commissions on new business.

So far, we’ve gotten lawyers involved in only one deal. It takes more time and adds to expenses. In larger transactions, it’s probably wise. But if terms are spelled out clearly and both parties retain some security, it can be done without a lot of costly complication. 

Fill out our contact form, email, or call. We like to talk on the phone, and email is a good way to outline and verify details. It also can serve as a contract.