Who Are We

We are a team of website designers and digital marketers with decades of experience. 

Our company is WordwrightWeb. We started in 1987 as Wordwright Publishing, well before the internet. We morphed into Wordwright Communications, a graphic design and marketing agency, specializing in print. When the internet came along, we found ourselves doing more websites and less print. We rebranded to WordwrightWeb around 2001.

We have been specializing in website hosting merger & acquisition deals for almost 10 years!

It all started back in 2015 when Michael Byrd, the president of WordwrightWeb, received an opportunity to purchase clients from a local competitor who wanted to sell their web and email hosting clients because that was no longer a part of their business model.

After a few discussions between Michael and the local competitor, it was decided to purchase a list of clients (31 in total) that would be transferred over a few at a time. We agreed to sign a hosting agreement, which became the basis for the deal. Since then, we have acquired hundreds of web hosting clients and are continuously improving our transition process. 

Our approach is to be comprehensive in the key online areas that matter for our business customers: web development, web and email hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC).

We are a high-service company geared towards web hosting for small businesses. We work best with clients that want to leverage their online presence to grow. With us, your customers will not only receive excellent web hosting and support but also web design and digital marketing services, all under the same roof. We are a small but capable team of real people based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. 

Michael Byrd, President of WordwrightWeb
Michael Byrd, President
Johannes Behmer, Chief Financial Officer at WordwrightWeb
Johannes Behmer, CFO
Brian Chandler, Web Development Director at WordwrightWeb
Brian Chandler, Web Director
George Gordon Web Developer at WordwrightWeb
George Gordon, Web Developer
"I worked with WordwrightWeb in a partnership before selling them my company. I was very excited to find another company with the same client service and quality product that I had. I was very pleased with the entire merger and acquisition. Working with everyone was great. Speaking with Michael and Johannes really made a difference. I wanted my company to go to someone who I felt would take care of my 20 years of work. I made the right decision with them. There is nothing I can think of that could have made the experience better. It went that well."