Flat HTML Hosting or LAMP-Compatible Sites

Flat HTML & LAMP Compatible Hosting We love Flat HTML websites! Despite their seeming lack of sophistication as compared to WordPress and other advanced platforms, Flat HTML websites have a number of advantages. Although it’s true that everything has to be done in code – no user interface – here are some ways that a basic, “old school” website really performs. They are:

  • “Lean and Lightweight”.
  • Concise as far as their code. There is no attached database.
  • Fast, in many cases, loading quickly.
  • Often ranking well in searches, for the reasons stated above, and because they are frequently very old sites. An HTML website has very likely acquired a lot of SEO “link juice” over the years.
  • Universal. Anyone can host them; any developer can work on them.


If you have a batch of Flat HTML or LAMP-Compatible websites, let us know. We’d love to have a look, and will take good care of your customers if we strike a deal.