Possible Deals

We Buy Entire Web Companies Batches of Clients

This is the simplest. We pay you, take over your servers, and communicate jointly about the transition of your customers, usually via email first and then by phone. We do most of the work, of course. You just say a diplomatic goodbye and let them know they’re in good hands. 

Buying an entire company is the simplest form of transaction. It’s also the largest and most comprehensive. We purchase all of the assets of your company except debt, and a few other possible exceptions, depending on the situation. We might exclude real estate, or we might continue a lease if there are employees. We might also agree with you, the seller, to separate certain businesses that you want to keep, or sell elsewhere. For example, we had a seller who had a drone photography business. It wouldn’t fit our operation, and he was free to sell that separately.

In most cases, we keep your brand and your website alive. That is part of the value proposition we are purchasing – the good reputation you have in your marketplace.

We Buy Batches of Sites

If you only want to sell some of the websites your company hosts, we are happy to buy them. The amount and type of website does not matter to us. We can give you an appraisal for the websites you want to sell. If you like our number, we have a deal. 

It’s possible that you have “taken your company vertical.” You might have found a niche in creating websites for law firms, for example, and want to focus entirely on that market, regionally or nationally. Because of that shift, you would like to find a good home for your other sites. And there are other reasons for wanting to sell some sites but not others.

It is a simple matter to identify each site that you have to offer, gather the financial information for those sites, and come to an agreement. Once this is done, we can coordinate a plan to communicate the change to these customers.

Keep in mind that customers have a choice in their own future.We have found that the best policy is to communicate thoroughly with each customer, in advance, even if you have them under contract. You want the best for your customers, and so do we, as they become our customers.

We Buy Sites One At A Time Individual Client

This works well. Perhaps you are a one-person web shop that wants to focus on a specialty. You can sell us any hosting account that does not fit your vision, including new business coming in the door. 

We learned about this option from a salesperson who inherited the remnants of a web company. He had moved on,  but still wanted to take good care of each customer because he had built the relationship with them. He wanted to sell us one customer at a time. After we agreed  on a price, and payment terms, he approached the first customer and explained what he was proposing. Each move went well, and his confidence quickly increased to where he could vouch for our professionalism. It took more than 2 years to transfer all of the sites, but we worked steadily around his schedule, and at a pace that was not jarring to the customers. It turned out to be an excellent option that can work in many other situations.