WordPress Hosting

WordPress IconWordPress has emerged as the dominant website platform worldwide. Originally a blogging platform, it has evolved into the most widely used open-source content management system (CMS) in use today. As such, it has attracted thousands of developers who have created templates, plugins, modules, and other useful add-ons. Almost anything can be done on a WordPress platform, using widely available software that is inexpensive or free. Most developers can work on WordPress, and some, like our team, can customize it to look and perform exactly as needed.

However, being an open-source platform, and the one that is the most popular comes with some drawbacks. WordPress is also popular among nefarious actors who will attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in WordPress sites. These hackers continually update their software and methods. This makes hosting and security crucial. At WordwrightWeb, we have developed an extensive suite of preventive measures that we include in our monthly maintenance package. We also perform nightly backups to a separate vendor. If a site is hacked, we can repair it and close the vulnerability in short order, with minimal downtime and loss of data.

We are experienced WordPress hosts. Because we are also high-level WordPress developers, you can be sure that your WordPress site will be in good hands.