Drupal Hosting

Drupal LogoDrupal is an open-source Content Management System, similar in that respect to WordPress and Joomla. Just a few years ago, all three of these website platforms competed hard for the loyalty and market share of web developers worldwide. Each had its fervent advocates who touted the advantages of their preferred technology.

Fast forward to the current day, and we see that WordPress has prevailed in popularity. Drupal has faded to a very small slice of the installed base at fewer than 2% of all websites as of March, 2023. Joomla has just under 3%.

The point, though, is that Drupal is still a very good website platform, and a lot of websites continue to run on it. Its advantages include its flexibility and power. It is considered a “developer’s CMS.”

We have created a number of websites using Drupal, and can host it and support it if you have Drupal websites to sell. Fill out the short form and let’s talk!